Residential Wood Floor Refinishing

You’ve already found the convenience that is hardwood flooring and have it in your home. You’ve had to do minimal maintenance on your floors, but it’s been a few years and you’re in need of someone to refinish your floors.  Luckily, this project will be much more cost-effective than having to replace all the flooring. Affordable and quick, our refinishing services are meant to restore the look of your floors with as little downtime as possible.

Aside from the general floor sweeping and regular cleaning, you’ll want to have your floors refinished approximately every 10 years.. If you’re noticing wear and tear due to pets or lots of foot traffic, you may want to do it earlier, but the good news: your floors are at least ¾ of an inch thick, allowing you to refinish your floors up to six times before having to completely replace the floor again.

Commercial Wood Floor Refinishing

In addition to refinishing residential wood floors we are also experienced and available to refinish commercial spaces such as bowling alleys, basketball courts, and more.  As you can see from the videos below, refinished wood floors in a commercial space can make a world of difference:


When it comes to sanding or refinishing, we can assure you we will get the job done quickly, with workmanship that only years of experience delivers keeping your hardwood floors lasting beautifully for years to come.

Magic Wood Floors operates as a division of Mongalo Designs and is responsible for all installation and refinishing services; you can trust the professionals at Magic Wood Floors to deliver excellent service on every job.  Magic Wood Floors specializes in sanding and refinishing wood floors – we promise high quality workmanship that gets your floors back to looking as if they were new again.