If you’re tired of dirty, worn, or damaged carpet it might just be time for a change.

As your hardwood flooring specialists, we know hardwood floors are much easier to take care of and require minimal maintenance compared to carpet. Once you’ve experience the cleanliness and durability, as well as aesthetic qualities of hardwood, you’ll never want to go back. With wood floors, you’ll get to experience decades of durability, with minimal upkeep or repair.

Magic Wood Floors operates as a division of Mongalo Designs and is responsible for all installation and refinishing services; you can trust the professionals at Magic Wood Floors to deliver excellent service on every job.  Magic Wood Floors specializes in the installation and repair of hardwood and engineered wood floors for residential and commercial spaces.

Hardwood vs Engineered Wood Floors

Whether you choose real hardwood or an engineered wood, we know you’ll love your new floors.

Engineered hardwood floors are still made of genuine wood, but they have a layer of hardwood veneer affixed to the surface, with crossing layers making it more resistant to moisture and heat and extremely durable. It does not, however, allow for sanding or re-staining, limiting its life. Engineered floors have more stability, allowing them to be used in practically every area of the home.

Solid wood floors are just that – solid wood throughout the entire plank. . The most sought-after flooring, hardwood promises decades of use, allowing for refurbishing and restaining multiple times before the end of its life cycle.

Both hardwood and engineered wood floors are tough, durable and elegant. We can help you determine which type of flooring is best for you helping you save time and money.